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Sudanese political headlines on Tuesday 19/1/2016

اذهب الى الأسفل



Sudanese political headlines on Tuesday 19/1/2016

Sudanese political headlines on Tuesday 19/1/2016
Dar newspaper
* Image and pen "Casablanca" unique
The first dialogue with the secretary-Sheikh after his release
* Accused me of supporting the jihad, extremism and via the Internet was a surprise
* Sheikh secretary: no interdict from United Arab Emirates and Affey all of offended
* After leaving the mosque: accused shot just 6 stab wounds to his cousin and old fan dead on the spot Bbhari
* Mothawayh incident: Maniac kills bale solid citizen and a stunning surprise
* Condemnation teacher sentenced to 5 years after molested a child in the school
* The fall of a young man from a bridge Alafaya within the Nile river and rescue continues to search for him
* 100 lashes for young men and women and fined after doctor caught in a compromising situation morality
* Found on the bodies of strange in a building under construction in Khartoum
* Terrorism young man and threatening the development of hashish inside his vehicle in Omdurman
* Pharmaceutical Troy systematic killing of details with 17 stab inside a house in eastern Nile
* Amid a large: Crescent launches his training Jawhara and "Casablanca" hunt Cavalli airport
* Mars Hehanih draw with Qatar in order to Traore is facing today in the latest experiments in Doha
* Ittihad contract with the Nigerian and Largo
Alintibaha newspaper
* Bashir: North( )able to save the world from hunger
* Killed and wounded, "31" citizen in a car accident in Nyala
* National for the opposition: "Aldair comprehensive solution Legge hall"
* 12 000 cases of children cancer annually
* Ghandour: Sudan finally succeeded in penetrating the international community and our doors wide open to mend ties with the West
* Direction to set up on behalf of the work to reduce procrastination employers
* Assistant to the President: Government will participate in the meetings of Berlin
* Freeze a bank account to a foreign suspect in the case of the financing of terrorism
* Agricultural Bank: Corn stocks Bmtamir Gedaref not spoil
* New commander of the hybrid forces in Abyei
Newspaper public opinion
* Saudi ambassador: large investment projects will be implemented by the Kingdom of Sudan
* National: The party did not discuss the normalization of relations with Israel in any of its meetings
* Parliament refuses to answer the ministers of livestock and the environment on the issue of Egyptian bulldozers
* The formation of a parliamentary opposition bloc
* The resignation of Vice President of Mars Club
* Metal complaining immigration cadres
* Throughout the hearing testimonies of defense witnesses in the case Sodamen
Newspaper last minute
* Mechanism( 7 +7 )demanding financial allocations to members of Dialogue
* Juba threatens to shut down oil pipelines
* Disagreement on the Egyptian government bulldozers
* Sudanese agreement Jordanian doctors training
* North to: move towards the concept of a new global tourism
* Absorb one-third of students admitted for the current year private universities
* Authorities to release Sheikh secretary
Newspaper the next day
* Environment Minister calls not to renew the contract Egyptian bulldozers in the "Red Sea"
* Conference Sudanese waving to leave the opposition alliance
* Parliamentary: allow Egyptian bulldozers like to occupy Halayib
* Oil Minister rule out Khartoum Cancel pipe line civilian
* Chief Justice issued a decision to establish a tribunal for consumer protection
Sudanese newspaper
* Juba: To choosers in front of us is the closure of the oil pipeline
* Division in the Foreign Relations Committee dialogue on normalization with Israel
* Parliament drops two answers to the Ministers of Livestock, Environment
* South Darfur and calls for control of flour and fuel in order to prevent smuggling to neighboring countries
* Make free operations Urologist complex civil iPod
Gazette newspaper
* Legislative Khartoum reveals Dardaqat Ali monthly fee( )
* A vigil for the Republicans and a note to the Ministry of Justice
* Experts are paying the note for the presidency about the environmental pollution in western Kordofan
* Government announces start informal negotiations with the People Friday in Berlin
* Claims conditional on relations with Israel and national( )discussing normalization
* Bashir: Northern able to save the world from hunger
* Memorandum of peaceful stance and demanded the repeal of the prohibition of the organization Republicans
* A young suicide shambat of the highest bridge in a tragic accident
* UN warns of civil vow western Darfur clashes
* Oil States is considering linking warehouses civil
* The jury dialogue depends recommendation to elect governors instead of their appointment
Newspaper political microscope
8 release of "chief secretary" after his arrest )5( days
* Saudi ambassador: the work of a major economic and investment between the two countries and the pot on its way to maturity
* First Deputy demanding ambassadors to redouble efforts and confirms that the doors of Sudan legislator
* Metal agreement with Japan to eliminate the use of mercury by 2020
* Sufis are turning to the founding of a political party
Hooray newspaper
* Atomic energy: Try Heglig left serious radiation
* "5000" Nurse competing for jobs in Saudi Arabia
* Bashir affirms government's move in the electrification of agricultural projects
* Sudanese launches store for Android apps
* Osirak: reveals joint mechanisms with Washington to fight extremism
Al-Ahram newspaper today
* The jury dialogue depends recommendation to elect governors instead of their appointment
* Agricultural Bank of lawsuits lie( 4 damage )millions of mobile strategic reserves
* Wax statue of the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Celebrity Museum in London
* Traaja Mustafa al-Bashir and Turabi's personal tolerant world
* Atta address today's graduation from the rapid support forces Bakrra ceremony
Newspaper change
* Alkaruri: competencies leave the ministry to work in the mining companies
* Salva Kiir: the division of the southern states is a red line decision
* Cancer Hospital for children cost $ 7 million
* Ibrahim Mahmoud optimistic joint meeting with( the People )in Berlin
* Court fined the son of a federal minister
Alwan newspaper
* Juba threatens to shut down the oil fields and demanding Khartoum reduction
* Presidency: our participation in the storm packets mature approach guide
* And forgot prospective decision to extend the period of the steering committee of Mars
* International Atomic Energy tackled 100 radioactive source Heglig legacy of war
Cluster configuration future parties in parliament


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