Attackers storm Pakistani University and kill at least 19

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Attackers storm Pakistani University and kill at least 19

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Attackers storm Pakistani University and kill at least 19
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)Reuters( - Pakistani officials said that armed militants stormed a university in Pakistan's troubled northwest on Wednesday, killing at least 19 people and wounding dozens more than a year after the massacre in which 134 students were killed in a school in the region.
Senior spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but officially denied responsibility movement, speaking later he said the attack is incompatible with Islam.
The attack showed that militants are still able to launch attacks despite a massive campaign to combat terrorism on the country's military campaign against the level of their strongholds along the volatile border with Afghanistan.
A security official said the death toll could rise to 40 people in Bacha Khan University in the city of Charsadda.The army said it finished combing the campus operations after six hours of the start of the attack and four gunmen were killed.
A spokesman for the rescue workers called Bilal Ahmed Faidi said that 19 bodies have been recovered, including those of students and guards, men and professor and at least one police told the media that he named Syed Hamid Hussein.
Television footage showed that most of the dead were shot in the head execution-style operations.
Police said the gunmen had taken cover of thick fog and climbed over the walls of Bacha Khan University and then entered the building and opened fire on students and teachers in the lecture halls and accommodations.
Media students and reported that they had seen young men carrying Kalashnikov rifles Aqahtamon accommodation at the university where he had a lot of students were asleep.
The student, who asked not to be named news channel from his bed in Charsadda district hospital "came from the back and there was a big fuss .. teachers asked us to leave immediately. Some people hid in the toilets."
* Conflicts in the Declaration of responsibility
The attack took place while the university was preparing to host a forum for poetry Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the death of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, an activist belonging to Pashtun tribes and the university named after his name.
Fadl Rahim Vice President told reporters that more than three thousand students attending the university, which was hosting 600 visitors on the occasion of the poetic Forum on Wednesday.
He announced Omar Mansour, a senior leader of the Pakistani Taliban took part in the attack on the school run by the army in December 2014, claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack and said that four of his men carried it out.
He added that the university has been targeted because it is a government institution that supports the military.
But Mohammed concrete spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban issued a written statement denying responsibility for the attack.
He said, "We consider young people who study in non-military institutions, builders of the future and consider their safety and protection is our duty."
Was not immediately clear why conflicting claim of responsibility.
The military said Wednesday afternoon that the four militants were killed.
He said military spokesman Major General Asim Bjoy told Reuters: "The operation ended were evacuated university."
He said a security official familiar with the operation said he saw the bodies of four of the attackers were bullet-riddled adding that they did not wear suicide vests but they were carrying weapons and bombs.
And Television footage showed soldiers as they entered the campus as ambulances lined up outside the main gate and the Wasy parents anxious each other.
Sabir Khan, a lecturer of English Department and said he was leaving his place of residence when the university began shooting.
"Most of the students and staff were in the classroom when the shooting started ... I do not have any idea what is going on but I heard a security official speaking on the phone to someone and say that many people had been killed and wounded."
Pakistan and killed hundreds of suspected militants arrested or part of a campaign to combat terrorism came into force after the massacre carried out in the school in December 2014 in the country's northwest.
He said Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a statement after Wednesday's attack, "We are determined and are involved in our commitment to eradicate terrorism from our country."


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