Tunisia: protests in several cities against unemployment

إرسال مساهمة في موضوع

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Tunisia: protests in several cities against unemployment

Tunisia: protests in several cities against unemployment
الحديبة نيوز
Reuters - Reuters witnesses and residents said Ahtjahat of angry youths demanding during work on Wednesday swept several cities, including Kasserine Tunisia near the Algerian border, where police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters.
The protests broke out on Tuesday in Kasserine two days after the suicide of a young unemployed to expand the scope of the protests to neighboring cities before they escalate their own pace to include at least eight cities.And it remained peaceful protests in several cities, but riot police clashed with protesters in Kasserine and fired tear gas and chased through the streets of the city.
After five years of the uprising that ended the rule of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, still a lot of Tunisians feel upset and suffering from high prices and widespread unemployment and marginalization.
A Reuters photographer in Kasserine "Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the density of angry protesters trying to break into the security center. Youths burned rubber tires and blocked roads."
He added that the protesters raised slogans such as "Hey gang operating maturity of thieves" and "filled freedom and national dignity."
Said protester named Samir in Kasserine "I'm unemployed for seven years .. fed up with promises and will not return to our homes, but when we get the job, to live with dignity. This time we say to the President and his government either we all live a dignified life or die .. but Snngs your joy with chairs."
The protests also included the cities of Thala and Sbabh and Magel Bel Abbès and Siliana, Kairouan, Sousse, Tunis and examination.
And imposed the Interior Ministry on Tuesday a curfew in Kasserine.Today warned of the possibility to exploit the militants sheltering in the mountains Alhaanbe Kasserine chaos to infiltrate into the city center and Andsoa protesters.
He said government spokesman Khalid prongs "The government does not have a magic wand to change the situation in Kasserine but this year actually will begin several projects there in order to absorb the high unemployment rate."
In the capital gathered on Wednesday, hundreds of youths in Habib Bourguiba, the capital's main street in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, raising slogans "My Government shame shame Kasserine ignite the fire" and "operating duty much advantage" and "The people want to overthrow the regime" while riot police watching the protesters without any clash with them.
Although the democratic transition in Tunisia was smooth and non-violent contrary to what happened in countries such as Libya, Yemen, Syria and received wide acclaim with the adoption of a new constitution and free elections, the economic and social conditions of the fragile represent the greatest challenge to the ruling coalition in Tunisia.
In 2015 the unemployment rate stood at 15.3 percent in Tunisia, compared with 12 percent in 2010. The university qualifications owners about a third of the unemployed in Tunisia.


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