After the spread of the virus, which bears her nameZika forest in Uganda is gaining an international reputation

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After the spread of the virus, which bears her nameZika forest in Uganda is gaining an international reputation

After the spread of the virus, which bears her name Zika forest in Uganda is gaining an international reputation
Banner as the Zika forest near Entebbe, Uganda‏ ‏

Banner as the Zika forest near Entebbe, Uganda
- A few months ago, it was Zika forest in Uganda nature reserve not only scientists and environmentalists known, but today is gaining international fame after the spread of the virus, which bears its name, which hits several countries in the American continent.
This virus is transmitted Bulsat mosquitoes, could lead to serious deformities in children born to mothers with him, and the World Health Organization predicts that the number of infections with the virus up to three million or four this year.
The organization has called for an urgent meeting Monday to face the repercussions of the epidemic.
But in Uganda itself, where the forest is located Zika, it does not seem to be a major concern affecting the population as is the case in the American States.
He says forest guard Gerald Museka correspondent for Agence France-Presse, "some possible people residing near the forest felt some concern after they heard" about this virus, which holds adjacent to their homes, the forest name.
And goalkeeper himself did not know the existence of this virus two weeks ago, having spent seven years old roam the paths of the Zika forest in which the virus was detected first time in 1947.
And most local cases of infection with Zika the symptoms were not dangerous, as it was limited to a rise in heat and redness in the eyes.
In Brazil, the spread of the disease to dangerous situations reflected the birth of thousands of children infected with deformed brain no cure has led.
- "Uganda free of the disease" -
It emphasizes the Ministry of Health in Uganda on the non-registration of cases of Zika virus among its citizens, and that the epidemic is currently registered in a number of countries of the American continent, the source is not due to the East African.
Said in a statement, "we did not score any case years ago in Uganda and the epidemic does not exist in our country."
Zika forest located close to the road leading to the international airport, 25 km from the capital Kampala, it is still a site that pulls Research Institute research on the virus in Uganda.
And prohibit the banner came the sun and the time access to the research area, and includes the forest along the 12 hectares sixty species of mosquitoes.
It boasts the official Institute for the forest that visitors were senior figures of the world, such as US President Jimmy Carter, who came over to watch the birds in the reserve frequented by students each week from universities around the world, from Canada to Germany.
- The evolution of the virus -
Older articles talking back to the year 1952 for "wooded area where scientists called Zika yellow fever among monkeys" looking.
However an analysis of the blood of monkeys, scientists found a new virus and his Zika.
After 70 years, the science is still unable to reach a vaccine against this virus or effective treatment for him, and US health authorities still describes as "a new virus."
He says Julio Otawana a researcher at the Royal Institute of Tropical Diseases "What happened to the virus, who moved to South America has changed a little, and these amendments thereto made him more lethal."
In Uganda, it does not seem that exciting disease to worry, because that one person out of every ten people infected can be exposed to high temperatures.
It seems that for other types of viruses of the population suffered from the same type to make them more immune to the Zika virus, according to the researcher.


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