Global sports headlines of the day Friday, 07.15.2016

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Global sports headlines of the day Friday, 07.15.2016

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Global sports headlines of the day Friday, 07.15.2016
* Inter Milan lost a friendly against CSKA Sofia
* Valencia contract with Portugal's Luis Nani
* German newspaper accuses players France doping in the euro
* Bojba increases the uncertainty about his future and shocking Mourinho
* Portugal ahead in the FIFA rankings, Argentina maintains first position
* Officially .. Skrtel move from Liverpool to Fenerbahce
* Spanish prosecutors decided not to appeal against the death foreclosures Messi
* Rome featuring Juan Jesus Inter Milan player for one season
* Leicester City Burnley tempted to join Michael Caine
* Colin German club denies the existence of view of Hector to join Barcelona
* Lucas religious: to play for Barcelona great adventure ..
* Vidal: Our goal is to win the Champions League with Ancelotti
* Rodgers: European absence of Liverpool and Chelsea gives preference
* Bojba: Cristiano Ronaldo deserves Ballon d'Or
* Jordan Ebi Liverpool player officially joins the ranks of Bournemouth
* Mancini illustrates the possibility of Toure to join Inter Milan
Infantino * values collide committee of FIFA
* Dutch Memphis Debye Manchester United winger on the radar Barcelona
* Neymar Brazil at the top of the list of participating Olympics
* Zamalek agree to loaning Joined to Ittihad Jeddah

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